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Loft Conversions in Walthamstow

Creating Loft Kitchens

While you may not find too many conventional households have a use for a kitchen in the loft, installing a kitchen in a converted loft space is something that many property developers and landlords throughout the UK undertake. After all, converting an empty attic into another flat brings in additional revenue. But, of course, it requires the work of professional bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters like us to turn loft conversions into rental properties.

As experts in a wide range of building services and solutions, including house renovations and house extensions, our personnel at Britbuild Direct Ltd have the skill and experience to convert underused lofts in Walthamstow into purpose-built, liveable rooms or flats.

On this page, we consider the practicality, benefits and potential pitfalls of installing a loft kitchen.

Is it Practical?

If you are engaging in loft conversions to transform an attic into a rental property, then it is not just practical, it is entirely necessary. Simply contact our kitchen fitters to discuss your needs and budget, and we’ll design a kitchen that suits the available space perfectly. Likewise, as you will also need a working bathroom, you can speak to our bathroom fitters too.

It may also be a practical solution for homeowners in Walthamstow with small downstairs kitchens or limited space for house extensions. While our experts in house renovations can knock down adjoining walls to create more spacious kitchen installations, not every customer wants this.

Loft conversions may, therefore, provide the answer.

What are the Benefits?

While a loft kitchen may not be the most obvious idea for a house, it does have its advantages. Whether for a rental flat or a home in Walthamstow, a converted loft is a great space for a kitchen and dining room. Not only does it provide a spacious expanse to cook and entertain but, thanks to rooflights or dormer windows installed by our kitchen and bathroom fitters, you can dine with a view.

If you have always wanted your dream kitchen but don’t have the space or the budget for house extensions, our experts in house renovations can fit all the gas, plumbing and electrics to cater for your new installation.

Once we have converted the space and dealt with the infrastructure, our kitchen fitters can get to work.

Things to Consider

As with regular loft conversions, house extensions and other such projects, you will need to make sure everything complies with the current Building Regulations. This means working alongside the local building control inspector in Walthamstow, who will probably be concerned about the amount of weight that kitchen appliances will put on your floorboards. As experts in carpentry, joinery and house renovations, our bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters can reinforce floorboards to ensure that loft conversions handle this considerable load.

Even if we have to install RSJs or add extra support in the rooms below, Britbuild Direct Ltd, and our experienced team, does whatever it takes to bring your plans to life.

Likewise, fire hazards will also be a concern. We can install the proper ventilation for cookers and hobs and take whatever precautions necessary to make sure we follow the fire safety protocols.

As a responsible construction company, we ensure that any work we carry out on house renovations, extensions, conversions always complies with the relevant regulations and legislation, for your safety and peace of mind.

Call our bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters on 0203 096 1231 or 07460 425 394 to add bathrooms or kitchens to loft conversions and house extensions in Walthamstow.